Justice For Ahmed

This site is here in support of Ahmed Ferhani. The goal is to get the truth out about his case and the NYPD"s unjust entrapment of Ahmed and others and to raise funds for Ahmed's legal defense.

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Targeted and Entrapped

Did you know that the NYPD and the FBI purposefully target vulnerable people and tempt them with money and gifts as a means of convincing them to commit crimes? Read more here ...


The Associated Press on the NYPD's Oppressive Treatment of Muslims

Read detailed reporting and original NYPD documents that outline how the NYPD with the help of the CIA run a secret spying program on American Muslims with little or no accountability.


NYPD Confidential

The site NYPD Confidential has scores of articles outlining the persistent corruption, brutality, and unaccountably exhibited by the nations largest police department. Find out more about the NYPD's corrupt practices here ...